What is the attacking party pointing at?

  1. What is the attacking party pointing at?

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When the center points to someone, this person is the offensive striker to focus on the object. The general quarterback will point to the same player, if necessary, also refers to other people, to ensure that everyone thinking unity. The defender can understand which direction the center passes will be washed and then let the defensive tactics (stunt, defensive front players transpose to cross the tactics that block the players) in the other direction. Because the attack striker members of the team, the center came to spoiler, then defensive tactics is difficult to succeed.
If the quarterback at the same time pointing out to the outside of the box toward the defender? This is to let the outside take over know who his “hot” players are. “Hot route” is a quick short pass that is used to get rid of the potential pressure on the other raid. Each file attack, the protector can only fight X players, if the raid in the other side of a player, take over will run “hot route”. Quarterback through this reminder to take over, to avoid the other did not see the center who led to make mistakes.
The last point is that people are also quarterback to understand what they are doing. Many young quarterback light is reading defense, or trying to keep pace with the front line will be rush, and then unfortunately harvest the other side of the impact.

  1. Remember to pay attention to security
    I know it’s not easy to see them on TV, but the security guard holds everything on defense. They are the potential pressureers. If the defender chooses the raid, the security guard can usually bully the body, make up the front defensive player left the space and pressure.
    If you notice a security guard next to the quarterback (fifth defender), the scorer is the person who is in charge of the raid. This is also the offensive side used to distinguish the direction of pressure point.
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  2. Who will cover the defense of a particular gap (gap refers to the gap between the attack line members)? (welcome to gameusd.com to buy cheap NFL 18 coins, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

There is no confused “defender seems no one to prevent this gap” when? You can rest assured that there will be civil defense, the defensive side can use defensive displacement, raid, or up to cover this area. No gap will be leaked, if this happens, the offensive group may be happy.

Warriors general manager Myers’ cell phone ringtone is the words of Green

Warriors general manager Myers’ cell phone ringtone is the words of Green
According to “USA Today” reported that the Warriors general manager Bob - Myers recently accepted the KNBR podcast interview, during which Myers revealed an interesting thing. He used Deremund - Green in the championship parade for his injustice sentence (welcome to gameusd.com to buy cheap nba 2k18 vc, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
used as his cell phone ringtones: “can give Bob some damn praise? “Miles began his career as general manager of Warriors in 2011. He selected Clay Thompson and Drawn-Green, hired Steve Cole, and signed Kevin Durant. Batesmore will host the UNO Championship with the Golf Celebrity Championship
According to Chris Vivlamore, reporter of the Atlanta Constitutional Government, Hawks forward Kent - Batesmore will host an annual personal fourth celebrity weekend to fund his ARMS Foundation. He will host the UNO Championship and the Golf Celebrity Championships on September 15 and 18, respectively. The foundation of Batesmore is a non-profit nature that motivates children who are determined to become next-generation leaders. “I grew up in a small city, so I understand and appreciate the influence that individuals can bring to the community,” said Bertzmore, who will be in touch with celebrities for UNO and golf matches , While at the same time raising the necessary money for students and young people. “Not long ago, Batesmore won the highest citizenship award in Atlanta” Phoenix Award “in recognition of his charitable cause and community service made a great contribution. Last season, Batesmore averaged 26.9 minutes to get 11 points and 3.2 rebounds and 2.4 assists. UNO is a European-originated game that has been popular around the world and was invented by Merle Robbins in 1971 and is now produced by game company Mattel. Uno is in Spanish and Italian. As the rules of the game, when the player only the hands of a card, you must call out “uno” and hence the name. UNO cards have been sweeping the world for decades, sold about 1 billion, known as the world’s most fun card games. UNO features are easy to learn and suitable for all ages to play. What do you think of losing to Latvia? Mozigov: no opinion
In Latvia and Russia’s European Championship group match, Latvia to 84 to 69 victory over Russia, after the press conference at the press conference, the Nets players Timofi - Mozigov Conceal the loss of love. A reporter asked Mozgov: “You have any comments on this game Well? “Mozgov replied:” There’s nothing to say. “The game Mozg played 28 minutes to get 16 points and 6 rebounds. (visit our site gameusd.com to buy nba 2k18 mt coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Van der Sar: D-Sanchez should stay in Ajax for another year

Van der Sar: D-Sanchez should stay in Ajax for another year
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FIFA 18 News “London late flag newspaper” news, Ajax CEO, former Manchester United demon van der Sar said that Davidson - Sanchez should stay in Ajax for 1 year. Sanchez went to Tottenham with a transfer fee of 40 million pounds, and he spent only one year in Ajax. Speaking of the young players to leave the team, Van der Sar that he should stay in the team for another year, after helping the team to succeed before leaving. Van der Sar said:; I would rather not find someone to replace these players, because I want to have as much as possible a good team. ; But we know that to some extent these years the league is not very strong, hope that players can play here 3,4 or 5 years and give us to bring two championships and in Europe to achieve some success, and then In the ideal case this is the right time ahead. I think Sanchez is still too early for a year and he should stay for two or three years. ; But sometimes with the big league shrouded in our economic strength, like Ajax such a small league big club is also very difficult to resist some transfer transactions. Brescia chairman nickname “coach killer”: coach is not a problem for the time being - Trade News-21tradenet.com, global trading platform (Click gameusd.com to buy fifa 18 coins for sale,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA 18 News Brescia new chairman Serino said coach Carney is not the team now. The former Cagliari and the Leeds chairman are known as the dismissal of the coach, and he also won the coach’s killer’s nickname. After receiving Leeds in 2014, Alan Road replaced seven masters, and he led the Sanshand Island in 36 times to change. Serino told Brescia that: now work began. I have heard a lot about the change of the coach, but this is our most important question. Herrera: game attitude can not be lost to Stoke, Manchester United fearless - China daily
In a interview that, Manchester United this Saturday’s game must be out and Stoke considerable spirit of God can continue this season so far outstanding performance. Going to the potter’s home game is always tough, Manchester United since April 2013 has not been won there, when Carrick and Robin van Persie’s goal to help the team win 2-0. Herrera told MUTV :; Premier League season is very long, each team can beat you. Now we have to face Stoke, we have no more than four seasons to win there again. The start of the season is very good, but we can not relax. We are ready to face them, hope that the weather there is not too bad, because when the weather is not good, it is difficult to play the game. We are ready. There is no excuse & mdash; & mdash; let’s fight for victory there. We are Manchester United, so we are fearless. ; As always, the face of Manchester United, all the teams and all the other fans are ready to wait. For us it was a big day. We must come up with the same attitude as them, and then we must also come up with our level. First of all to ensure that the attitude. Where the stadium atmosphere will be against us, but it is normal. Back in time! Mbapi has been sitting in Paris in the press conference hall 10 years ago
Turkish President Nasser today announced at the press conference a mumbai’s old photo. This photo shows the scene when Mbape visited Paris Saint-Germain’s club 10 years ago. Have you seen this picture? Nasser at the press conference asked Mbapi. This is a picture of Muba 10 years ago, the photo he also sat in the Paris press conference hall, when he was laughing at the camera. ; Mbabei was sitting in the same chair, and today, but that is 10 years ago. Paris is his city, Paris Saint Germain is his beloved team. Now he’s back. Killian, welcome to go home. Nasser said.

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NFL 18 red skin Phil - Taylor quadrice injury season reimbursement - NFL football field
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NFL 18 red skin Phil - Taylor quadrice injury season reimbursed by TDL_Flamen · NFL football field According to ESPN reporter reported that in the red against the Tigers in the preliminaries suffered quadriceps contusion defensive frontier Phil - Taylor (Phil Taylor ) Will be reimbursed for the season. Coach Jay Gruden (Jay Gruden) said on Sunday that Taylor will be on Monday to accept nuclear magnetic resonance imaging scan. Taylor is the first round of Cleveland Brown in 2011, his early career was good, but in 2014 missed 11 games, the first two seasons were due to knee injury reimbursement. He was impressive in the red skins training camp this summer, was expected to become one of the return to the star. A.J. Francis and Joey Mbu are the top two behind the red depth table, but Washington can choose to take this position as Ziggy Hood. NFL 18 Crow Guaranteed Joe - Flac will play in the regular season first week - NFL Rugby Field
NFL 18 Crow guarantee Joe - Fraco will play the first week of the regular season by the small jump brother brother NFL football field Joe - Flaco (Joe Flacco) since the Baltimore crow training camp began and no training with the team, Because he has been actively recovering his shoulder injury. And his substitute Ryan - Mallett (Ryan Mallett), whether it is field or off the ground are messed up, so the crow fans began to worry about whether Velco can catch the game. John Harbaugh, the team’s head coach, said he was tired of asking people about the return of Flaka when he told the media. “I do not want to answer the same question every time.” He will be ready for the first week against the Cincinnati Tigers game, I promise. “2 weeks away from the regular season, the only time fans do not need to worry about is that Vraco will take time to adapt to the offensive system. But whether he can and new teammate Jeremy - McLean (Jeremy Maclin) produce a chemical reaction is still unknown. With the racula is 100% of the crow, but the past two years the team did not enter the playoffs, so this season has become very special. Newcomers want to learn American football, ready to buy a ball back practice - NFL football field
New people want to learn American football, ready to buy a ball back to practice by Hello Seattle · NFL rugby stadium but 5 line town, there is no court, and no one around to play, I would like to ask you under the basic conditions are almost no situation What can be practiced? I am not strong, in addition to the defense group can … … it from the tiger flutter iPhone client
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Victoria Nguyen’s Twitter: “I spoke to All-Star @ KembaWalker about his knee rehab, leading @hornets back to playoffs in weakened East, #MambaChallenge, All-NBA ambition https://t.co/L2Ow7lMKro”
America Cup MVP Vonny: hope to have the opportunity to enter the NBA_NBA-NBA news
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NBA team ended in yesterday’s men’s basketball Cup in the Americas Cup final, the US team was 20 points behind the unfavorable situation to achieve shaking reversal, and ultimately to 81-76 victory over Argentina, won the championship. Now played in the Mavericks affiliated development team team Texas legend team forward Jamil - Werni played well, playing 24 minutes, 11 shots in 8 get the team’s highest 21 points plus 7 rebounds, he also won America Cup MVP Awards. After the game, Verny accepted HoopsHype reporter interview. “It’s a great experience to play in places like Uruguay and Argentina,” says Vaughan. “The fans are very enthusiastic about basketball, and the atmosphere is 23 years old and I feel the best since I was born.” Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a lot of things with coach Jeff Van Gundy and his coaching staff, and I’m sure I’ll take advantage of it. I hope I’ll get into the NBA soon. “At present, the team has not yet teamed up the lineup team, including pelicans, bulls, Timberwolves, the Nuggets and the sun.Voni last season in the development league averaged 17.3 points and 8 rebounds, hit rate as high as 57.6% Bulls played in Orlando Summer League, averaging 12 points and 5.2 rebounds, scoring 65.6%. Americup MVP Jameel Warney says he hopes to soon earn an NBA contract | HoopsHype
In addition to the knights, Wade is interested in the Heat and the Los Angeles team _NBA-NBA News
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According to the “Miami Herald” reporter BarryJackson reported that despite the previous Cavaliers LeBron - James’s camp believe that Dwyane - Wade will be in the Bulls after the conclusion of the agreement to join the knight, but according to Wade An assistant today revealed that Miami and Los Angeles are also interested in Wade home. It is worth mentioning that, according to Jackson, said to him the message of the assistant, it is the earliest burst of a year ago Wade and the Heat negotiations progress is not smooth that person, so the news should be quite reliable The Previously, Utah - Haslem, Hassan - Whiteside and Dion - Waites and many other Heat players have welcomed and look forward to Wade return to Miami, and the news that Wade children have been back Went to a school in South Florida. Jackson did not specify which team in Los Angeles, but the Lakers have had news that before signing Kentavius ​​- Caldwell - Pop, the Lakers had deliberately deal with Wade. Last season, Wade averaged 29.9 minutes to get 18.3 points and 4.5 rebounds and 3.8 assists.